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Our passionate staff has coached and competed in CrossFit for over 20 years combined! As a team, we have seen what a major impact this programming has had on individuals of all ages and fitness levels.



  • NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer

  • USAW Sports Performance Coach

  • Mentee of Max El-Hag of Training Think Tank.

    • Six Month Mentorship program.

  • CrossFit Level 2

  • CrossFit Judges Course

  • CrossFit Gymnastics

  • Julian Pineau Strongfit Seminar

  • First Aid & CPR Certified

Being active my whole life has not just been a hobby, it became a big part of my identity at a young age. Playing lacrosse and soccer for 14 years, and boxing for 2, I was always looking for a training program to help me gain a competitive edge in sports. I participated in most conventional gym workouts but never found bodybuilding to give me real functional carryover into my sports and life. It was 2008 when I stumbled into a few people swinging and carrying KB's at my high school gym in Watertown New York. My curiosity guided me toward my first experience with CrossFit.


As I was introduced, I had the same notion as many others do their first time, "I should be able to do this pretty easily". After a humbling experience, I realized not only how effective this was, but how much room I had to grow in this newfound program called "CrossFit". 


Fast forward 15 years and I have seen the CrossFit movement not only deliver me the best fitness of my life, but I have seen it change hundreds of lives as well. Ranging from children as young as 5, to adults over 80 years old. Ranging from Division 1 athletes to kids and adults with physical and mental limitations. This program is truly for everyone if they are willing to be coached and work hard.


Having the opportunity to coach group classes, train one-on-one, and even coach clients remotely for 9 years, I have seen the changes a proper program can make in someone's life...physically, mentally and emotionally.


Many fitness programs come and go, but CrossFit is here to stay. Whether you are someone who has never worked out in your life or someone aspiring to see what your body is truly capable of, CrossFit is for you. I believe at CrossFit Loup we can provide everyone with an experience that will motivate and inspire each person to become the healthiest version of themselves.




  • CrossFit Level 2 Course

  • CrossFit Judges Course

I became obsessed with CrossFit the first time I saw people doing what I was told was a WOD (Workout of the Day). They were working extremely hard, but it looked like they were having so much fun!

Prior to that day, I would have defined myself as a runner; I ran two marathons per year and a number of local 5K, 10K and half-marathons in-between. In 2013, my friends and I decided to run thirteen half-marathons (13.1 miles) – just because we could. I considered myself very fit and I was...for a runner.

My very first WOD was in Fall of 2011 and I was hooked. There was not a single movement that I was good at and that just made me want to learn more. I scaled everything, and everyone still cheered. It was an absolute blast! One of my favorite things about CrossFit is the incredible community that I have experienced – it is one of the things that has kept me participating in CrossFit, no matter where I am.

I began working one-on-one with Coach Pat in Spring of 2015 and over time I got better. For the past three years, I have qualified for the CrossFit Age Group

Quarterfinals. I’ve always been competitive, and as a “Masters” athlete also very interested in the “functional fitness” component of the training. Valuing fitness as we age allows us to maintain our independence and that is extremely important to me.

12 years after my first WOD, I decided to take the next step and obtain more formal knowledge of the CrossFit philosophy and methodology and to become a Level 1 Certified CrossFit Coach. I want to share my knowledge with others like me, who want to take that first step towards more varied workouts, learning new skills, and towards being challenged every step of the way.



  • CrossFit Level 2 Course

  • CrossFit Judges Course (Annually)

For my whole life, I have had a positive relationship with fitness. My body and I have done some pretty cool things, including whitewater kayaking, telemark skiing, mountain biking, mountain climbing, backpacking and running. Some of my physical achievements include becoming an Adirondack 46-er, hiking the John Muir Trail, kayaking through the Grand Canyon, completing a triathlon, and participating in countless paddling, biking, skiing, and running races.

When I was introduced to CrossFit, almost 10 years ago, I was hooked. I found that the CrossFit functional fitness programming fit perfectly with my active lifestyle, and I certainly enjoyed the comradery and the support of like-minded athletes. I really like the fact that CrossFit is accessible to all ages and levels of fitness.

After several years of growing my fitness, and participating in CrossFit Opens and other related competitions, the college professor in me decided it was time to share my passion of CrossFit with others and begin coaching.

Last year I completed my L1 training, and am now thrilled to be coaching classes at CrossFit Loup!




Physical activity and being an athlete have been important and fun for me for as long as I can remember.  I played soccer, basketball, and softball in high school and went on to play soccer and softball in college. After college, I tried working out at different traditional gyms and even had a personal trainer for a few years, but it wasn’t until I stepped into a CrossFit gym in 2013 that I felt that sense of excitement for fitness again.  The entire time I was in that first CrossFit class, I had a smile on my face.  CrossFit brought back the joy of challenging myself, friendly competition through a positive and supportive community, and a way to measure my progress.  I was hooked and became keenly aware that there is no finish line in CrossFit.  That, and the fact that every day is completely different (constantly varied), ensured there was no way for me to become bored.  Now, 11 years later, I am just as hungry and motivated by all that CrossFit is.  Being inside the walls of a CrossFit gym is something that is difficult to put into words, but it is special.  The positivity, community, and genuine support from CrossFit members and coaches is something that cannot be found anywhere else.


After a year into CrossFit and really embracing the CrossFit methodology combined with my profession as a teacher, I knew becoming a coach was the next step for me.  In 2015, I got my Level 1 and started coaching. While I already loved CrossFit, coaching took my passion for it to a whole new level.  In the constant pursuit of improvement, I got my Level 2 in 2018 and just recently renewed in 2023.  After taking a break from coaching in 2020 when gyms were shut down, I just knew I needed to get back out on the floor as a coach.  As a coach, I am looking forward to sharing my passion for the CrossFit methodology, celebrating others’ successes with them, and helping people become healthier versions of themselves.


I truly believe that CrossFit saves lives and prevents and cures chronic disease. It promotes a clean way of living and has enhanced my knowledge of the importance of moving well through functional movements, nutrition, sleep, and recovery. It makes me a better person both inside and outside of the gym.  Because CrossFit is infinitely scalable, it is accessible and safe for all ages and ability levels.  It is special to be a part of a community of such a diverse group of people of all ages.  I will forever celebrate the person who walks in the doors of a CrossFit gym for the first time to save or better their life! I am excited to be a part of the coaching staff CrossFit Loup! 



  • CrossFit Level 2 Course

  • CrossFit Judges Course (Annually)

  • CrossFit Spot the Flaw Course

  • CrossFit Level 2 Course

  • CrossFit Judges Course (Annually)

  • CrossFit Spot the Flaw Course

  • CrossFit Scaling Course

  • CrossFit Lesson Planning Course

  • USAW Weightlifting Level 1

  • The Attitude Nation Inc Level 1 Weightlifting

  • Spinning Certified

  • P90x Certified

  • First Aid, CPR, & AED Certified

I am a wife and mother of 3 who was told as a teenager with scoliosis to "never stop moving."   This led to a lifelong pursuit of many different avenues of "movement", starting with basketball, track and weight training in high school and college.  Then my husband introduced me to road bike racing which I enjoyed for years across the northeast and then naturally transitioned into triathlons, aquabike, duathlons, mountain biking, kayaking, hiking/rucking.  I then took that experience inside and started teaching spinning classes at local gyms, along with yoga, bootcamps, P90x, and helping to introduce triathlon training to newbies interested but scared to get into the sport.  I was finally introduced to CrossFit by my brother in 2012 in Albany, so then I searched out a local CrossFit gym and was hooked.  I took my passion for teaching / training / coaching and combined it with CrossFit to obtain my CrossFit L1 certification in 2014 and L2 in 2017.  I went on to own and coach at my own CrossFit gym for a few years and was so fascinated by barbell movements that I went to get USAW Level 1 certified as well to help those also interested in the Olympic lifts.


The best part of CrossFit is that it allows those of all ages to improve their quality of life in ways most people don't or can't even anticipate, all with just basic functional movements!  It is a "sport" that will humble the most elite athlete and yet at the same time it will empower and give confidence to the most timid of those trying it for the first time!!  After a few years of family and life events but never far from any CrossFit gym and WOD, I am back and ready to coach and help every athlete get in the "best hour of their day" and to feel better physically and mentally at CrossFit Loup.

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